Fixed Basement Windows
Fixed Basement Windows
Fixed Basement Windows
Fixed Basement Windows
Fixed Basement Windows
Fixed Basement Windows
Fixed Basement Windows

Fixed Basement Windows

Sale price$199.00
  • Our Fixed Basement Windows deliver Top-Quality Performance
  • Multi-Chamber Vinyl Frame Profile
  • Patented Water Drainage System
  • Fusion Welded Corners
  • Premium Virgin Vinyl Material
  • Double Pane Glass with Low-E Coating Option Available
  • Intercept Blackline Spacer
  • Aluminum Screen with Mesh Netting Option

Window Features

Multi-Chamber Frame

3 1/4″ thick frame ensures strength and stability

Patented Water Drainage

The sloped sill allows water to drain away from the building

Fusion Welded Corners

Frames are welded(rather than screwed) together for extra rigidity

High Quality Screen

Multiple Screen options including Standard Fiber or Aluminum Security Screen

High Quality, Long Lasting, Maintenance Free Vinyl Frames

Low Maintenance

  • Vinyl windows are the low-maintenance choice for residential use.

Superior Weatherability

  • Our vinyl compound is uniquely formulated to withstand the harsh effects of weather, UV light and southern exposure.

Color Retention

  • Pharmaceutical-grade compounding & blending systems provide consistency, so you can reply on superior color and weatherability.

Uncompromising Quality & Performance Testing

  • Our Vinyl meets or exceeds the standards for strength and color retention established by the American Architectural Manufacturers Association (AAMA).

Energy Efficient Double Pane Glass

Featuring Intercept Blackline IG Spacer System

The window has been independently tested and certified. An Intercept Blackline Glazing System improves Thermal Performance for less heat loss, warmer glass temperature and reduced interior condensation.

Upgrade Your Glass

Low-E w/Argon

Low E is a metallic coating on the glass that repels 95% of UV rays. Argon Gas helps keep the warmth inside and reduces the amount of noise outside.

Low-E UV

Low E UV minimizes the amount of infrared and ultraviolet light that comes through your glass, without minimizing the light that enters your home.

Privacy Glass

For privacy with ample light, these glass styles enhance bathrooms and other spaces, eliminating the need for additional window coverings.

Tempered Glass

For stronger windows add Tempered Glass. Tempered Glass is about 4 times stronger than our regular glass options and won't shatter if broken.

Other Window Options

Window Screen

Standard fiberglass mosquito netting or aluminum screen for enhanced strength and security.

Nailing Flange

Optional nailing flange ensures secure installation and forms a weather-tight seal.

Internal Grids

Grids are between the glass giving the look of a divided lite with an easy to clean glass surface.

Internal Grid Designs

Contoured Grids

Contoured grids have a raised or three-dimensional profile, mimicking divided panes for a classic look.

Flat Grids

Flat grids are flush with the glass, offering a simpler and more modern appearance.