How it Works

We make ordering basement windows easy! Learn about the process below.

1. Measure Your Windows

Measure the width and height of your opening and account for any deductions. We will make the windows to the exact size you specify.

Frequently Asked Questions About Our Process


While we are happy to assist, we cant give specific recommendations on the exact size to measure.

We do not take any deductions from the sizes you submit upon ordering. In other words, if you order a 15" wide window, the outside edge to outside edge will be 15".


You are able to cancel an order before production starts for a full refund minus 5%. This fee covers payments made to credit card processors which we don't get back if you do cancel. Orders may not be cancelled once production begins.

As long as the order has not entered production, you can change any of the specs. It may be possible to change the order once production has started but only on a case-by-case basis.


All windows are made to order. Vinyl and glass must be cut, hardware and weatherstripping installed, etc.

Unfortunately we do not currently have any way to expedite the process, even for an additional fee.

Our windows are manufactured in the United States.


Shipping duration varies based on your location and is usually completed within 1-5 business days.

$35 per Window.

Each Windows is shipped with a Double Curated Box and bubble wrap surrounding the entire window.

All windows are inspected prior to leaving our warehouse. Once in a while an item is damaged in shipment. We take full responsibility for any damage incurred during shipping and will repair/replace any or all of the window as needed.